Frequently Asked Questions

Live Painting for a professional event in Grasse, French Riviera

I live in Frejus (South East of France), one of the most beautiful place in the world ! If you have decided to celebrate your wedding there, it is a good choice !
But I am agree to travel everywhere ! I love travelling, and there are so many romantic places in France, and in the world to say « Yes I do »…

When I create wedding books, I use pencils and watercolors.
For my live paintings, I use watercolors. But, if you prefer, I can also paint with acrylic or oil paintings.
And for a collaborative painting, I use acrylic paintings and acrylic markers pens (©Posca).

Each service takes a different time to be completed :
When I finish a live painting, I need about 16 to 30 of working hours in my studio, depending the degree of detail.
For a wedding book, about 30 to 50 of working hours in my studio (+ book binding)
And for a collaborative painting, zero ! The painting is finished the day of the wedding. The newlyweds can bring it home with them.

For a live painting, you will receive it one month later after the wedding.
And for a wedding book, you will receive it three months later after the wedding.

It could be a little longer if you do not live in France (postal delivery times).

Of course you can ! And you have to ! I need to have pictures of your guests one month before the wedding. And the D-Day, I will be able to recognize people I have to draw !
For the face, I prefer not to paint their face. When I am painting live, people move a lot, all the time, it’s impossible to draw their face ! And in my live paintings, I think that the most important thing is to catch the moment. Not to paint the eyelashes of a guest… Don’t worry, you will perfectly recognize your guests ! With the posture, the attitude, their clothes, their hair… You will be amazed…

To book your artistic entertainment, you will have to pay a deposit of 30% of the total amount.

As soon as possible. Some customers have booked two years before the event…
But other clients have signed a contract only one week before the wedding ! Whatever the date of your event, the best thing you have to do is to contact me to know if I am available for the day you have chosen.

I need about 2×2 meters (6×6 feet) to set up my easel and a small table. And I also need an access to an electrical outlet for my lighting.

Obviously due to my experience and my fine Art diplomas.
And also because you like my artistic style.
But above all :
Because my service is uncommon and remarkable.
Because you love Art and you want to add an artistic touch during your wedding.
And because you would like to keep an unique memory of your beautiful day…

If you have other questions about live wedding painting, contact me.

Or if I have answered to all your questions, and you want to book your date :