A live painter for your wedding in Provence, France

A live painting during a wedding ceremony in Provence, France

Three artistic entertainments during the same wedding: live portrait, live painting , and wedding book !

I have been a live wedding painter in France since 2016 now, and this is the first and only time that a client has ordered me to make three artistic entertainments during the same wedding! Ambitious challenge !

I have firstly been contacted by Aurelie ROUSSIE, the wedding planner from Love & Provence, for a wedding taking place in Orgon in Provence (South of France). She was looking for a live painter, and I was supposed to paint live one or two scenes. When the future weds have seen my previous wedding live paintings, and my watercolor wedding books, they have willed to get both of them !

Then, the “welcome dinner” party has come during which I was supposed to paint live portraits of guests…

Live portraits of guests

Original entertainment for wedding guests

It is Friday, the day before the wedding. The bride and groom have organized a Welcome dinner for their loved ones who come from far away. Indeed, Chloe and Christopher are both English natives and they live in Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates. But they absolutely wanted to get married in Provence, one of the beautiful place in France…

The welcome cocktail receives guests who arrive gradually.

And I settle down to start drawing couples.

Each one leaves with their own small live-painted watercolor portrait. A nice keepsake of this wedding in Provence for the guests !

Live painting of the secular ceremony

The different steps of a live painting during a wedding ceremony

On Saturday, it is the Big Day !

I set up my easel in early afternoon to begin to draw the landscape on my sheet.

The live painting scene before the ceremony

Then, each guest sits on their place and secular ceremony can begin. It is the most intensive moment for me : I have to draw as many guests as I can during the short time the ceremony is lasting !

This is still the moment when the guests are not moving a lot ! This is my drawing since the ceremony has finished :

The live painting scene after the wedding ceremony

As guests are toasting to the happiness of newlyweds and going to dinner place, I start adding colors.

Chloe and Christopher come to see the evolution of my painting

The newlyweds and the live painter after the wedding ceremony, Provence, France

I avail till the last lights of the day to paint the landscape. Then with my easel, I join the party in the reception hall.

My painting is changing during all evening. The guests come to take a look at it oftenly. They always find funny to see themselves represented in the painting !

And now this is the final result, after some finishes in my painting studio :

Live painting for a wedding in the Alpilles, Provence

The wedding book : a watercolor album of wedding highlights

An original album to remember the wedding day

As I have live painted during wedding day, I have made this wedding book from pictures made by Oliver Fly , the official wedding photographer.

All day and night long were in this wonderful Provençal mas : the Mas of the Rose in Orgon.

Wedding book in watercolor with the beautiful wedding place: Le Mas de la Rose in Provence

It is such a real perfect reception place for English lovers who wanted to get married in heart of Provence : the old stones of the house, the lavender fields, olive trees…

The future weds have been preparing each on their own, Chloe with her mom, Christopher with his dad.

The ceremony begins, Chloe’s father leads her daughter to his future son-in-law

painting of a wedding cerrmony outside in Provence

Under the watchful eye of Brian, the bride and groom’s dog

painting during a wedding ceremony in Provence, the groom giving the ring to the bride

And it is time to toast to the hapyness of newlyweds !

Then comes the time for speeches, and especially Christopher’s one which is very touching when he declares his burning love to his wife just in front of an audience with wet eyes !

Wedding painting during the speech of the groom

Finally the wedding cakes are brought

live painting for the wedding cake while the groom kiss the bride

The first dance…

Wedding painting for the first dance of the bride and groom

And the early bride !

Watercolor painting of the bride dancing with her friends during her wedding

And that’s how Chloe and Christopher have got married in Provence and will keep really exceptional memories of their wedding, thanks to my paintings!

And what about you?

Have you found an original wedding entertainment?

Would you also like to keep a special memory of this unique day?

Contact me and let’s talk about your desires for your wedding !

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