Day: October 7, 2020

A live painter for your business event in Cannes, French Riviera

Live event painter in Cannes, South of France

A live painter as an original entertainment for your business event in Cannes

You are organizing a business evening, a gala, an inauguration, an event to launch a product, a business anniversary, and you are looking for an original idea which will amaze your customers…

An unusual artistic idea; which will remain graved in your customers’ memories …

I will tell you about a business evening which has taken place in Carlton Intercontinental Hotel in Cannes, on French Riviera… where I have worked as a live painter.

A live painter at a wedding fair

During a wedding fair in Château St Georges in Grasse last year, I have met July, a talented jeweler. We have get to know each other better, and as I am drawing all the time… she has discovered my art of live painting. We sympathize and give our contact details to one to each other at the end of the show. A few months later, she contacts me back, and proposes me to paint during the birthday celebration of the association of which she is a member : “ the F.C.E – Femmes Chef d’entreprise “ ( Women leading business ). Cannes delegation (she is member from this one) is celebrating its 50th anniversary. And they would like to celebrate with an original animation for their gala… A live painting will be perfect!

A live painting as an original entertainment

An event in a prestigious place : The Carlton in Cannes

It is a big event !

All those business women will come from the whole France (even from DOM-TOM : Martinique) that’s why it was primordial to find a place providing the same high level of the event’s one : the prestigious Intercontinental Carlton Hotel in Cannes !

Small historic comment : it is in this emblematic hotel that the film “To catch a thief ” by Alfred Hitchcock was shot in 1955 !

So in the afternoon I start drawing the hotel viewed from outside. I settle down on the Croisette under the shade of a palm tree…

My painting will be composed of 3 distinct elements :

  • the hotel viewed from The Croisette
  • Cannes delegation on the steps of the Palais des Festivals
  • The evening in the Carlton

The steps of the Palais des Festivals… without red carpet!

When all the leading business women are arriving, each one more elegant than the next, dressed with their gala dresses on the steps of the Palais des Festivals…

We realize that the red carpet has been removed !

It is in such a case that the magic of paint operates : I will add this famous red carpet on my canvas !!

The gala evening for celebrating the 50 years of the FCE Cannes delegation

Several speeches are pronounced during the cocktail time. We can guess a lot of emotions on people’s faces. Sometimes, even some tears.

Then each of them is invited to join the “Grand Salon” hall where the party will take place.

This “Grand Salon” is very luxurious, marble columns in the whole hall, ceilings with fine gold decorations, chandeliers made with crystal…

A music band entertains the dinner, live playing. The lead singer has a sublime voice giving chills…

And me, I enjoy to paint this wonderful evening in such a sumptuous place!

The dinner is ending. The president of the Cannes delegation tells few words more, to thank all her team who has organized this beautiful event. Then, it is time to get up from table and to dance to celebrate this beautiful anniversary!

And here the finished painting !

And what about you?

Which original entertainment do you think to plan for your gala, your inauguration, your special event to launch a product, a business anniversary…?

Tell me about your ideas and we will create a custom artistic animation for your event! I can also create a collaborative painting for your guests!

Contact me to know my different artistic entertainments!!